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Water Line Break in Memorial Thicket

Water Line Break at NE Corner of Plainwood & Last Arrow

Water Line Break

About two hours ago, what appears to be a main water line in Memorial Thicket ruptured. George, who is our guard on duty, has called the issue in to 311 and has a report number. I have noticed that water pressure is lower than normal, which is not unexpected. Water is flowing all the way to the front of the neighborhood as this is appears to be a fairly significant break. While I am not a hydrologist, my concern is that the water bubbling through the joints in the middle of Plainwood might indicate that the actual break is under the pavement. We are unsure when it will be fixed, but I would expect that many of us will be without water at some point while repairs are being made.

Note the Dirt that was Shot into the Street from the Initial Eruption

Proposed City Council Redistricting

Yesterday evening, the City published maps proposing revised City Council District boundaries due to the 2020 census. Because of the increased population in our district, some reductions had to be made. Based on these maps, Memorial Thicket will remain in District G, which is represented by Mary Nan Huffman.

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle


July 8, 2022


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