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This section will acquaint you with the security procedures implemented in Memorial Thicket. All residents must directly participate to assure we have the best possible protection. The following seven items cover matters you should be aware of and actions you should take in security-related situations.

1.   Memorial Thicket has 24-hour security by an armed GuardOne Security officer on duty at all times. When the officer is not at the security post, he is patrolling the subdivision. While on patrol, he is in cellphone contact with central dispatch at all times. Whenever you see anything suspicious or have a problem relating to security, please call (713) 501-5406 (cellular) immediately.


2.   Upon moving into Memorial Thicket, an officer will give you an Information Sheet, a No-Solicitor-Request Form and Memorial Thicket decals for your cars. Complete the forms and return them to the security post. When you return the Information Sheet, please include emergency number(s).

Memorial Thicket discourages solicitors. However, the officer cannot keep solicitors from entering Memorial Thicket as these are city streets. With your No-Solicitors-Request Form on file, the officer can keep solicitors off your property.

Please place a Memorial Thicket decal on each of your cars. The decals must be placed on the lower corner of the windshield on the driver's side. This helps the officer identify Memorial Thicket residents' cars. Extra decals are kept at the security post.

3.   When leaving town, please stop by the security post and pick up an out-of-town form (or click the link to download the form). You can drop it off at the guardhouse when completed. Also, please have your mail carrier or neighbor collect your mail and all newspapers.

4.   It is against a city ordinance to park cars, trucks, boats, trailers, etc., on city streets for longer than 24 hours. In such a situation, the officer will give you a 24-hour notice to remove the vehicle before requesting HPD to investigate.

5.  According to our DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS (DCCRs), each home must be equipped with a working alarm system connected to the master alarm system serving  Memorial Thicket. This master alarm system and its monitoring is done by Smith Thompson in their central office. When your alarm goes off, Smith Thompson central dispatch receives the signal on their monitoring system. Smith Thompson responds as follows:

  • Burglar and emergency alarm - Smith Thompson calls the MT Security Officer, who responds, usually in a matter of minutes. 

  • Fire Alarm - Smith Thompson calls the Houston Fire Department first before calling the MT Security Officer.

The charge for the Smith Thompson monitoring of your alarm system is included in the Homeowners Annual Assessment but the resident is responsible for the  connection to the master alarm system and any repairs, service calls, and upgrades. If you should have additional questions, please contact your MT VP - Security .

Our security guard cat - Code3


6.   Please keep your yard post lamp brightly lit. Your DCCRs require all homes to have a post lamp regardless of what other outside lighting you may have installed. These post lamps illuminate our streets and are very important to evening and night security. If your post lamp ever needs replacing, contact a member of the Architectural Committee as to the lamp post and fixture regulations.

7.  Please obey Houston's leash laws and be a good neighbor with your pet(s). Unfortunately there have been incidents in Memorial Thicket in which resident's dogs posed a nuisance or threat to property, residents and other pets. Please report any such incident to security and the appropriate authorities will be involved.

Security bulletins will be issued when needed to alert you of any situation relating to security in Memorial Thicket. If you should have any questions or suggestions about our security, please contact the VP - Security. Memorial Thicket residents place a high priority on security and we hope to have your cooperation in keeping Memorial Thicket a secure neighborhood.

Thank you,


revised September 7, 2009; Updates 4/2011, 7/2018

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