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Board of Directors

PRESIDENT               Meghan Lee                                                     281.250.5524

VP OPERATIONS       Mary Sergesketter                                         713.240.9936                               
VP SECURITY             Teresa "Reese" Brio                                        210.667.3870                                           
TREASURER              Ray Sch
midt                                                    832.418.1111

SECRETARY                Lyn Buza                                                        281.684.0850

SECRETARY               Lyn Buza

ASST TREASURER    Greg Sergesketter

ACC CHAIR                 Tom Skerl

ACC MEMBER            Shaz Butte

ACC MEMBER            Sherry Campbell

ACC MEMBER            Tom Asch

The business of Memorial Thicket℠ is conducted by the MTHA through its five elected, volunteer directors in accordance with its Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCR), its Articles of Incorporation, its By-Laws and its Policies.  Directors are elected for three-year terms at the Annual Meeting of Homeowners held the first Monday in December.  Directors receive no compensation.  Each building lot is entitled to one vote at the annual or any special MTHA meeting of homeowners.


The MTHA's objectives are to enhance homeowners' property values, maintain the attractiveness of our neighborhood, and promote a safe and secure community for the residents.  The MTHA accomplishes these objectives by contracting for 24-hour security for the neighborhood, by landscaping and beautifying common areas, and by enforcing restrictions on property use, construction and the architectural guidelines as set forth in the DCCR and Policies for Memorial Thicket℠.

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