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Yard of the Month

August Yard of the Month

The yard at 722 Windbreak Trail showcases lush, full landscaping that beats the heat. It is also immaculately maintained all year round.  The circular drive is rimmed in fluffy podocarpus with crape myrtles as featured plantings. The formal, but soft-looking foundation planting is anchored with beautiful evergreens providing year-round structure.  This is a lovely backdrop for heat-loving light bluish purple angelonia and cool white vinca.  The right side features glossy and resilient Asian jasmine providing a nice dark respite.
It is indeed a lovely sight to view as we pass it by. 

July Yard of the Month

Yard of the month belongs to Jean and Bob Batten. Jean has been a gardener for many years and always has an impeccable yard and garden. Bob stated he contributes muscle for big tasks but I believe the Japanese maple is his special project. They did admit the past few years have been especially hard work due to having to replace many plants several times.  Jean has a row of mixed foundation plants in various shades of green and burgundy with a crepe myrtle to balance the maple on the other side of the driveway.  There is a border of mondo grass and infill of begonias for color. Over all it reflects a serene tone in this shaded garden.  


The garden extends around the house, providing an overview of the bayou and ravine below. There is also an area of the garden in full sun with easy chairs and planters with more color.  Congratulations to the Battens on their wonderful design and execution of the garden. 

July2023 _Batten_20230701.jpg

June Yard of the Month

Jose and Diana Carlos are June's winner of Yard of the Month. Stop at 706 Windbreak Trail to view the yard and garden they maintain.  The color in the garden is provided by a selection of shrubs and bushel-basket sized chrysanthemums in the first flush of blooms for the summer.  They also have a nice selection of trees on each side of the entrance.  The yard was originally landscaped by an owner who was a master gardener, but the Carlos family keeps it looking picture perfect, adding new plants each year.  In addition, they completed a large patio/living area behind the gate for the large family parties they frequently host.  


May 2023 Winner - Angel and Steve Sahinen recently purchased 15507 Old Stone Trail from Connie Chalmers.  The style of the house is enhanced with large all-season containers on the porch.  Various ground covers, grass, and seasonal flowers provide a mix of peaceful and exciting atmospheres.  The mostly shaded yard also includes matching redbud trees on each side of the porch area.  The Sahinen's also show off their love of dogs with several statues on the steps and porch.   Many of you may recall the Sahinens moved from Fleetwood to Memorial Thicket.  Please welcome them to the neighborhood.  

April YOM

For April, the MTSA Garden Club chose Gabriele Landry’s beautiful home at 751 Last Arrow Drive. Gabriele’s yard is exploding with colors this spring.  The Lantanas, both yellow and mixed, are laden with flowers and the Irises are very happy all around her mailbox. The flower bed is resplendent with Pentas, Angelonia and snapdragons. The entire landscape is anchored mainly with hardy perennials with a sprinkling of annual color.

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