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MTSA Info/Board

Images thanks to Greg Sergesketter

Greetings, it's great to have you in the neighborhood!  

Announcing the NEW Memorial Thicket Social Association (MTSA)! This group of Memorial Thicket residents are instrumental in organizing and facilitating many of the social events and groups for the entire Memorial Thicket
neighborhood. These events and groups are conducted throughout the year and include a mix of adult-only, family and children's festivities.

Visit the current 2024 calendar (2024 Calendar) and group activities list (Group Activities List) or further information.


How Can I Participate?

The MTSA supports all activities through annual dues of $40/household. All residents (homeowners and those renting homes in Memorial Thicket) are welcome at the events and encouraged to join the MTSA.  We like to host these events at no charge to participants, however some events (due to supplies needed) may require a reasonable fee to attend.  


We look forward to a great year but cannot do it alone!  We need your talents, time and  volunteer efforts to make each event a success. We are always looking for helpers, contact a board member if you are interested in any of these areas or have an idea;


Event Team Planning___________________
Specific Event_________________________
Host House for an Event________________
Activity Team Planning_________________
Specific Activity_______________________
Board Member General________________
Other Idea(s)


2024 MTSA Board of Directors

  • Alexis Jasek (email), President. 

  • Lyn Buza (email), Secretary. 

  • Jill Calderone (email), Communications.

  • Mindy Gronaur (email), Reservations. 

  • Meghan Lee (email), Hospitality 

  • Sherry Petkas (email), Community Relations

  • OPEN, Communications

  • OPEN, Treasurer

If interested in joining the MTSA Board of Directors please contact a current Board Member.  

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