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Eco Waste & Recycling
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Our trash vendor is Eco Waste & Recycling.

Their telephone is 832-623-6564.

Office hours Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm.


They can come early in our neighborhood so be sure your trash is out before 8:00 AM.

Our contract calls for backdoor garbage service. Backdoor means they will come inside your back gate if that is where you store your garbage. This is provided there aren't dogs or other determents. We recommend for the next few weeks you put a small 8 x 11 sign pointing to where your garbage is stored if it is not obvious. You DO NOT need to bring your garbage to the curb.

Remember, our trash pickup days are Mondays and Thursdays. 

Recycling is offered to all residents in Memorial Thicket with our new contract. Pickup is on Thursday. Eco has provided new 18 gallon bins. Any extra bins or larger bins are at your expense. Note: Home Depot and Lowes have larger recycling bins. Your recycling bin should be placed at the designated collection area on your recycling day by 7:00 a.m.

Don’t forget:

  • Please put a trash bag in each of your trash cans.  This makes it easier and quicker for Eco to ensure that all the trash is emptied from the trash can.  Also, it helps cut down on the bugs that may be at the bottom of the can! 

  • Our contract calls for all yard waste and heavy trash must be placed at the curb. If you have bags of yard leaves, please put the bags at the end of your driveway or sidewalk.  These bags are heavy and can break if Eco has to drag them from the back door to the curb.  If you have branches that need to be picked up, please bundle them with string and put at the curb.  Eco is afraid that by dragging them by your cars, the branches may scratch your vehicles.

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