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Annual Assessments, Officers & Other Notes

Annual Assessments Due

The Memorial Thicket 2019 Assessment Fee of $1,800 is due.

Payments received after January 31, 2019 incur an an additional assessment of $25 for each month thereafter. Payments can be sent to 702 Plainwood, Houston, Texas 77079.

Please pay before the end of January so that our board volunteers do not have to spend additional time collecting assessments. Our board members have already committed to providing many volunteer hours to make our community a great place to live. 

 MTHA Officers

At its January meeting, the board elected the following persons to the listed positions for this year:

Angie Bouzerand -- Secretary

Dave Buza -- President

Debbie Kumbalek -- Treasurer

David Myres --Vice President - Security

Greg Sergesketter -- Vice President - Operations

This and contact information for each officer are on the MTHA website.

Residents' Contact Sheets and Directory

The guards keep a book with the sheet that residents complete so that in case of an emergency, critical time is not lost in trying to make contact. We are also in the process of using the sheet to complete our Residents Directory for 2019. So we would appreciate everyone filling out a new one if you have not done so post-Harvey and ensuring that it's kept up-to-date. 

Home Alarm Systems

As mandated by  Article IV, Section 2 of our DCCRs, "Each Living Unit shall be equipped, at Owner's sole expense, with a central and local burglar, fire and emergency alarm system. Said alarm system shall be connected to the master alarm system serving Memorial Thicket, Section One."

Our contracted monitoring company is Smith Thompson Home Security. The costs for monitoring will be billed directly to MTHA. If you would like to use Smith Thompson as your monitoring company, you may contact them by calling customer service at 713.492.1064 or 888.888.1695, or you may access their  website. In order to receive correct and concise answers to any questions you may have, please direct them to the Smith Thompson professionals. When you call Smith Thompson, tell them you live in Memorial Thicket.  This will allow them to add you to the billing for MTHA. In addition, please notify David Myres at as we need to know which homes should be on our monthly billing statement. If you would like to use Smith Thompson for the hardware portion of your system, they have agreed to the following: Transmitter                    free, normally $89.00 Hardware                       15% discount Installation                     15% discount Monitoring                      paid by MTHA Smartphone Access      $6.99/month, billed to homeowner Should you decide to use Smith Thompson, you may order service from the sales department.  The sales department cannot know exactly what hardware you want or need in your home, although they can tell you the component prices. The inspection and recommendations will be done by a qualified technician onsite. These technicians have all equipment available upon arrival at your home and will complete installation that day. The system is an RF (radio frequency) wireless system. However, if you have a hardwired system now and you feel it is functioning effectively, Smith Thompson can use the hardwired system, if you wish, with their modifications. Smith Thompson will not be responsible for any failures of the hardwired system, but only its modifications thereof.

Architectural Control

As mandated by  Article IV, Section 2 of our DCCRs, "No buildings or other improvements, including swimming pools, streets, driveways, sidewalks, drainage facilities, landscaping, fences, walks, fountains and statuary located in the front and side yards, outdoor lighting and signs, shall be commenced, constructed, erected, placed, or maintained in the Subdivision, nor shall any exterior addition to or alteration therein be made . . ." without the prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

Post-Harvey, the ACC wanted to ensure as minimal a disruption in the rebuilding process while still ensuring that our DCCRs are complied with for the benefit of every neighbor. To that end, the ACC announced a policy that if a homeowner was simply replacing as existed pre-Harvey, no ACC approval was required. However, if changes were being made that fall under the DCCRs, then approval was necessary. This policy is still in effect.

Over the past year over 85 approvals were granted to homeowners. But not everyone has obtained approval for work that has been done and was different from pre-Harvey. If you did not seek approval for your changes, you can still submit a request and the ACC will try to work with you in ensuring compliance with the DCCRs.

When you sell your home, the title company requests from MTHA a statement as to current status. If you did not obtain approval for your changes, the title company will be made aware of that failure.

The ACC is composed of Fred Plummer, Mary Sergesketter and Greg Sergesketter.

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle 713.234.0604 January 28, 2019


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