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Coyote Joe & Public Works Projects

Coyote Joe (or Josephine)

There have been a number of recent sightings of a fairly large coyote along the tree line next to the Bayou behind Memorial Thicket and Marywood. Around noon today while I was in my home office, I saw Joe heading east with lunch in his/her mouth. Still not sure what was on the menu. Based on Joe's direction of travel, it would appear that his/her den is in the tree line behind Memorial Thicket. I would highly recommend that small dogs when being walked be kept on a leash. Coyotes are part of nature and keep other small animal populations in balance, so I don't want to upset that. However, I also don't want to see anyone's pet be on the menu.

Smaller Coyote Along Buffalo Bayou (2019)


The Plainwood "Speed Bump"

UPDATE: None. We still have the unpoured area. Not sure of timing.


Old Stone Trail Lift Station Project

As three of the four bridge supports are still standing, I asked for an update on the project as they should have already been removed. Though our City of Houston POC is on vacation today, he did reach out to Vaca, the contractor. He replied, "Contractor’s 18-wheeler is currently down, and they can't move the excavator over to Old Stone to remove the other columns. Weather is bad today and they will be on-site tomorrow, hopefully be done by the end of this week with the removal of the remaining bridge structures." It also turned out that no crane was needed on the north side of the bayou. All lifts were done from the south as can be seen from the two photographs below that were made last Tuesday.


Congratulations, Houston Astros (2022 World Series Champions)

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle 713.234.0604

November 14, 2022


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