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Energy Corridor Communities Commemorating the One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Harvey

Barbara Denson


Reuniting To Remember

As a result of the controlled release of the Barkers and Addicks Reservoirs, the Energy Corridor and its neighboring communities were among the hardest hit. However, in the days that followed, we have shown our resilience and grit. As we mark one year since Harvey, it seems like an appropriate time to reconnect and reflect. Neighborhoods within the Energy Corridor are organizing social gatherings within their respective neighborhoods this Saturday, August 25. This event will be an opportunity to share success stories, discuss challenges, and enjoy the fellowship of friends and neighbors. Ed Alami will be having Memorial Thicket’s at his home at 15511 Walkwood from 6 to 8 PM.

• If possible, wear white clothing. White symbolizes cleansing and new beginnings. It would also create a common tie among neighborhoods and make for brilliant photos. If for some reason you can’t, come anyway!

• Everyone is asked to bring their own food and drink, although Energy Realty will be providing a Margarita Machine and paper goods.

• If you have any questions, please call Sherry Campbell at 281.797.7892


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