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Incident at Front of Neighborhood

Incident at Front Early This Morning Vehicle exited the main lanes of Memorial while driving towards Highway 6 (West) into the ditch along our subdivision in the early morning hours of March 18, 2023. A tow truck utilized our front entrance in order to attempt to assist the vehicle and got stuck in the ditch themselves. A second tow truck was able to assist the stuck tow truck via an extension cable hook, who was then able to exit the area via our front entrance area. The stuck vehicle was removed via Memorial. 18 March 2023 Incident detail recap 3:18AM: Vehicle exits main lanes of Memorial and enters the ditch along our subdivision 4:00AM: AAA tow truck responds and utilizes the front entrance grass to attempt to reach the vehicle 4:01AM: AAA tow truck gets stuck in the ditch 4:27AM: 2nd Tow Truck, gets a little on the grass, cannot retrieve AAA tow truck 4:28AM: 3rd Tow Truck, uses an extension hook and pulls the AAA tow truck out enough to get out 4:35AM: AAA tow truck exists the front area to our subdivision

Reese Brito Vice President - Security 15538 Walkwood Dr. 210.667.3870

March 18, 2023


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