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Keep Our Neighborhood Beautiful

It's Time To Shine!

Greetings Homeowners, Please join me in thanking resident, Phil Richardson, on his generous efforts in replanting the Last Arrow (west) cul de sac. It looks beautiful, Phil! New plants were added to the main planting as you enter the subdivision which improved the sparse appearance of this large area. Your time and expertise are really appreciated Phil! As residents of Memorial Thicket, we are privileged to live in a beautiful and safe neighborhood. it is important for all of us to keep up the attractiveness of our subdivision. The unkempt appearance of some properties, beside looking unappealing, has the potential to diminish the value of all homes in the subdivision. Our bylaws state in Article VIII section 15 “The owner of the Lot shall maintain the same, and the improvements, trees, hedges, and plantings thereon, in a neat and attractive condition”. This includes, and is not limited to, keeping lawns mowed, trash cans hidden, beds weeded and attractively mulched and planted, and all debris removed from the property and street. It also includes having sports equipment and toys stored out of sight from the street when not in use. The recent rain brought a much-needed respite from the heat. The upcoming Fall weather is an optimal time to replace bushes and lawns which suffered drought and heat damage. Please remedy anything needed to make your home more attractive-mow, edge, weed, mulch, plant and clean up your property if necessary, so that all homes in Memorial Thicket look their best for the enjoyment of all residents. We will benefit from your efforts in this regard. Thank you, Linda Buza - Landscaping and Maintenance Memorial Thicket Homeowners Association

Lyn Buza

Director September 6, 2022


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