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Lest We Forget - Four Years Ago Today

Hurricane Harvey and the Reservoir Releases

Lest We Forget

Four years ago today, in the dead of night, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened the gates to Addicks Reservoir and then a couple of hours later Barker Reservoir. In the 70+ year history of the dams, this was the first and only time the gates had been opened during a rain event. Memorial Thicket is just upstream of the confluence of the reservoirs. While almost all homes were high and dry at that point, the situation quickly changed. The waters rose and we were trapped. On that Monday, August 28th, boats made their way into Memorial Thicket evacuating residents. I am not aware of a larger single-family home neighborhood in which all homes flooded due to these releases. It was to be two weeks before the waters receded enough that we could drive back in to our homes.

Our Guardhouse (You Can Barely See on the Right the Top of the Security Pickup Truck)

This Car is in the Picture Above, but was Totally Submerged (The dents are from boats unable to see it and running over the car)

Plainwood Drive Looking North At the Intersection with Memorial

The Memorial Drive River (Looking East Towards Memorial Thicket)

Last Arrow Just East of Plainwood

Plainwood Looking South from Walkwood

Elk Run Circle

Twelve Days Later

The Clean Out

The Clean Up

The Solar Eclipse Exactly One Week Before

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle 713.234.0604

August 28, 2021


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