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Lift Station Update - Very Important if You Live on Old Stone Trail

Old Stone Trail Lift Station

Tomorrow Vaca Underground will be coming in with a small excavator to remove the dirt from the field and to prepare the hole for the manhole installation at the Old Stone Trail Lift Station. On Friday morning, a lowboy 18-wheeler will be coming in to offload a large excavator that will be used to pick up and move the three large pieces needed for the manhole. Then two other large trucks will move in to offload the manhole pieces via the excavator. For Residents of Old Stone Trail: As the lowboy needs maneuvering room to back down Old Stone Trail, we are asking that all vehicles be off the street on Friday on Old Stone Trail. The current plan is for the lowboy to offload in the morning and then come back in the afternoon to pickup.

The Old Stone Trail Lift Station Hole

The Three Pieces of the Manhole for the Lift Station

On Site Meeting Last Wednesday


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