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May 11, 2020 Security Newsletter


Lee Jackson

Lee has been a guard at MT for over 8 years.  Of all the guards, he is probably the most familiar to you, as he has been here the longest.  He is a dedicated security guard, whom we are fortunate to have as the lead guard at MT.  If you do not yet know him, please stop by to introduce yourself. CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY ITEMS YARD LAMPS:  Operational lamp post lights are a requirement for the neighborhood.  A recent count, indicated there are 16 lamp posts either not illuminated or otherwise non-operational.  These lamp posts are an important safety feature in our neighborhood.  MT has lamp posts in lieu of street lights. Please see that yours is in proper working condition. RESIDENT CONTACT SHEETS:  The guards keep a book of resident information sheets, which are completed by residents so that, in case of an emergency, the guards are able to immediately contact the resident and/or the resident's designee. This is an operational procedure, which is done for your safety and security.  Please insure that you have a current resident information sheet with the guards. OUT OF TOWN NOTICES:  If you are leaving town, please file an "Out of Town Notice" with the guards.  This notice will provide the guards with a time frame for extra surveillance of your property.  In addition, you should have someone picking up you mail and any deliveries you may have coming to your home. SNICKET GATE:  The gate lock has been malfunctioning for some time.  A new lock was ordered, but upon arrival it was discovered that it was the wrong size for the gate.  Another new lock has been ordered.  We hope to have it installed and operational by May 16th.  An update will be provided once the gate lock is operational.  MT Issues SPEEDING CONTINUES TO BE A PROBLEM:  Please control your speed while driving in Memorial Thicket. With children out of school and people working from home, we have more persons on the streets in the neighborhood. Please ask you visitors, family and friends to drive slowly and safely in MT.  Please help keep our neighborhood safe for all. Trying Times During these unusual times, we must remain calm and optimistic. Thank you ************************************************************** Please remain diligent.  If you see suspicious activity, please contact the guards.  They are here for our safety.

May 11, 2020

David Myres

Vice President - Security

719 Last Arrow Drive



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