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Memorial Thicket February Security Newsletter

Security Newsletter February 2024

Welcome to the February edition of the Memorial Thicket Security Newsletter.


Memorial Thicket has 24-hour security by an armed officer on duty at all times. When the officer is not at the security post, he is patrolling the subdivision and in cellphone contact with central dispatch at all times. Please add the Memorial Thicket Security cellphone number to your contacts: (713) 501-5406. If you need assistance or suspect suspicious activity, please call them immediately.

Memorial Thicket continues to be peaceful and quiet and has above average safety from crime. With a population approximating 38,000 in the 77079 area, our neighborhood continues to maintain an A+ crime grade compared to a C+ for the total 77079 zip code area. The information contained below is the January 2024 monthly breakdown of offenses for which HPD wrote police reports for zip code 77079. Of the 93 offenses, there were none recorded within Memorial Thicket.


The snicket gate, located between 735 and 739 Windbreak Trail, provides access for our residents to the Buffalo Bayou walking trails and Terry Hershey Park. This gate is secured and is only accessible via a security code. If you do not know or remember the security code, please call the security offer on duty at the phone number listed above. As a reminder, the resident, after passing through, should ensure that the gate is closed and locked and should not allow “tailgaters” through the gate at any time. At random intervals, the security code will be changed to provide an extra layer of security. Residents will be notified of the change via newsletter and will need to call the security guard on duty (at the number listed above) to obtain the new code. The code will never be published.


If you live in the 850 block of Plainwood, the 800 block of Walkwood Circle, or the 720 block of Windbreak Trail, please ensure your lamp post is working. A lamp post has been out in this section for over five weeks and notices have been placed in your mailbox by the security guards regarding this matter. Memorial Thicket℠ does not have streetlights and each residence is required to maintain a front yard post lamp equipped with a photoelectric cell (if the lamp is electrical) for general lighting during period of darkness per homeowner association policy. Your cooperation is appreciated.




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