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July 20, 2018

David Myres

Vice President - Security 719 Last Arrow 713.816.1148

It has recently come to my attention that the Snicket Gate leading to the park is being left open, either accidentally or intentionally. We have received several complaints regarding this issue.  The gate is located adjacent to 735 Windbreak Trail. For those that do not have the gate code, it is C1670.  An effort is currently underway to replace/repair the spring on the gate, so that it cannot accidentally be left unlocked.  If you use this gate for access to the park, please close the gate as you come and go.  This gate is there for our convenience and security.  MTHA residents do not want passers-by to have access to the neighborhood.  Thank you for your attention to this important matter. The contractor hours have recently been changed to 7:00am-8:00pm.  This was done in an effort to allow the contractors more time during daylight hours to have access to the neighborhood.  These hours will be changed as the hours of daylight shorten.  There should be no contractors in the neighborhood after dark unless the guards are made aware of their presence and the owners are onsite with the contractors. For the time being, MTHA will continue to have 2 security guards on night duty.  Please do your part and have your outdoor lights on at night.  And remember, lampposts are a required feature at MT.  Please see that yours is operational. We would like to remind you to be aware of the speeds you are driving in the neighborhood.  Many residents have returned and many more will be returning in the next few months.  This means we have additional traffic and the return of more children to the neighborhood.  Please be aware of your speed and remind your contractors not to speed.  If you are uncomfortable asking contractors to slow down, please ask the guards to do it for you. As a courtesy, please ask contractors to keep radios, stereos and other entertainment devices at a volume level that does not disturb the residents.  We all like music and entertainment, but it should not be a nuisance to those residents living in MT.  And, yes, we have had several complaints regarding this issue.

Residents' Convenience and Security

The guards have “Out of Town Notices”, which can be used by residents as an additional level of security and comfort. If you are leaving town and would like the guards to watch your home more closely while you are out of town, please fill out one of these sheets and leave with the guards.  In addition, you may include emergency contact information on these sheets. If you see suspicious activity, please contact the guards.  They are here for our safety.


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