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MTHA Monthly Board Meeting, Yard of the Month & Kendall Library Mural Survey

MTHA Board of Directors Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. Where: Brenda Holden's house, 731 Plainwood Dr. Agenda:

  • June Minutes Approval

  • Old Business

    • Continued discussions re: problematic MT properties

  • Director and Officer Reports

  • ACC update

  • New Business

    • 2022 Projects - completions and future projects

  • Next Meeting

July Yard of the Month

At 815 Spear Point Cove, Amy and Tom Asch's property is shaded by multiple large trees, creating a challenge for bringing color to their yard. Multiple varieties of shrubs are used for foundation plantings with two "Jane" Magnolias used as specimen shrubs on opposite sides of the sidewalk. Around the large trees are pocket gardens used to add more seasonal color. The dark leaf canna are complimented by dark potato vines but with an airy texture. Lots of pollinator plants are utilized, including pentas, angelonias, and calidiums. Unfortunately, most plants are resting now, but we look forward to seeing them perk up with cooler weather.

July Yard of the Month - The Aschs

Damselfly Resting in the Asch's Yard

Kendall Library Mural Survey

You may have heard that the Kendall Library and Community Center is set to reopen this fall after being closed for five years. As part of this, and a city-wide public art event in the fall, The Energy Corridor District is looking to commission and install a large-scale, permanent mural on the library. As part of this, ECD would like to engage the community and ensure our ideas, thoughts and feelings about the library are incorporated into the artwork. This short survey is designed to capture our ideas and thoughts:

Brenda Holden President - MTHA 731 Plainwood Dr. 713.875.2895

July 7, 2022


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