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New Home Security Monitoring Service

HA has elected to change home security monitoring companies, effective immediately. This change does not affect our onsite security company or team. We will continue to use Commercial Investigation & Security for our onsite security. The new monitoring company is Smith Thompson Home Security. Smith Thompson has agreed to the following: Transmitter                    free, normally $89.00 Hardware                      15% discount Installation                     15% discount Monitoring                      paid by MTHA Smartphone Access      $6.99/month, billed to homeowner Our former security monitoring company, Red Hawk, no longer provides this service. Please call Smith Thompson to initiate the new monitoring service. Should you decide to use Smith Thompson, you may order service from the sales department.  The sales department cannot know exactly what hardware you want or need in your home, although they can tell you the component prices. The inspection and recommendations will be done by a qualified technician onsite. These technicians have all equipment available upon arrival at your home and will complete installation that day. The system is an RF (radio frequency) wireless system. However, if you have a hardwired system now and you feel it is functioning effectively, Smith Thompson can use the hardwired system, if you wish, with their modifications. Smith Thompson will not be responsible for any failures of the hardwired system, but only its modifications thereof. Again, the costs for monitoring will be billed directly to MTHA, as it has been in the past. If you would like to use Smith Thompson as your monitoring company, you may contact them as follows: Call customer service at 713-492-1064 or 888-888-1695. Here is a link to their website, In order to receive correct and concise answers to any questions you may have, please direct them to the Smith Thompson professionals. When you call Smith Thompson, tell them you live in Memorial Thicket.  This will allow them to add you to the billing for MTHA. In addition, please notify me at as we need to know which homes should be on our monthly billing statement.


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