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No Recycling This Week


Less than an hour ago, we received the following from Texas Pride Disposal: "We are experiencing delays due to the extreme seasonal volumes and the current heat advisory we are currently under. In an effort to make sure all trash is picked up, recycling will be suspended for your community this week. Recycle placed curbside will be collected with your household trash. Regular recycling services will resume next week. Should you not want your recycling picked up as trash this week, please do not put it out. Place it out next week on your next scheduled recycling day. We appreciate your understanding as we work to get back on schedule." For Memorial Thicket, we have back door pickup for household waste. Only yard waste and heavy trash need to be placed at the curb. If you do need to place trash at the curb, please do not do so until the night before collection day. For more information, please see page 19 of the 2022 Memorial Thicket Information Guide and Residents Directory.

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Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle


June 27, 2022


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