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The Memorial Thicket homeowner's board of directors is currently contemplating the how, when and if components of initiating a regularly scheduled recycling service for our neighborhood.  Many residents have expressed interest in a recycling program for the neighborhood, which we had prior to Harvey. We would like input from all affected residents. We have received a quote from Texas Pride (our current trash collector) for a once-weekly recycle collection. The specifics of the quote are as follows;

1. Residents would be required to provide their own recycling container.

2. We would select either an 18 gallon bin ($7/month/resident) or a 32 gallon can ($8/month/resident), one or the other, for everyone.

3. The cost for the program would be paid from our annual assessment, no additional cost to residents.

4. Pick - up would be weekly on Tuesday.

5. We would have back door pick - up but the container must be visible from the street.

6. We would be billed for all residents regardless of their participation in the recycling program..

Please contact me, or other board member, if you should have any questions.

Please contact me, or other board member, with your opinion (yay or nay) to this program no later than October 9, 2019.

If we do not hear from you by October 9, 2019 we will assume you are on board with starting this program and we will select the container size, for one and all.

Dave Buza President 807 Elk Run Circle 713-542-8620  September 25, 2019


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