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Sanitary Sewer Line Project Returns!

Memorial Thicket Project To Resume This Week

From the Public Works Department: Per our earlier conversation, our Contractor (PM Construction) will resume with sewer line repairs in Memorial Thicket, by first completing cleaning and televising of the sewer lines. Please see the attached map for the locations that will be cleaned and televised. Chief Solutions (subcontractor for CTV) is scheduled to clean and televise the sewer lines this Wednesday, Thursday, and next Monday 4/18. Chief Solutions will be off on Friday, 4/15/22. Once the cleaning and televising portion is complete and reviewed, I will provide a full update for the mobilizing of the sewer line repairs. The following individuals will oversee the day-to-day operations of the repairs. COH Sr. Inspector: Joe Williams COH Inspector: Roland Rainwater

Coming to Your Street!

This continuation of this project will affect most streets in our neighborhood. Most of the manholes are located in our front yards. For a few, the locations are in our backyards. Below is a map of the streets to be worked on. I am hoping to get an update weekly that I can pass along once the replacement work begins. You can click on the button below to see where the sanitary sewer lines run in our neighborhood (the white circles represent manholes) and the remaining streets needing work.

Brenda Holden President 731 Plainwood Dr.

April 12, 2022


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