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Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement - New Point of Contact & Update September 16th

Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement

Project and Communication Update

We have had pretty much radio silence for more than two weeks now. The logjam was hopefully broken today. For the last two weeks, Kathleen Shelton, the Chief of Staff for Councilmember Greg Travis, has been working with the Public Works liaisons; the matter was escalated to a higher level. This afternoon Public Works met with Kathleen. To date, 1,600' of an estimated 8,000' of line has been replaced. Today marks the one month anniversary of the project's start. At a minimum, it will take another 8 weeks to complete (which is way different from the original estimate of 6 weeks total). The project has been modified as some of the lines will no longer be pipeburst, but will be "cured in place pipe", which is less invasive. The crew has not been in Memorial Thicket this week. They are scheduled to start up again next week. We hope to receive a schedule of proposed activity that can be passed on. Kathleen is in the process of taking the questions and concerns we have raised with Public Works and IPR back to Public Works for their response (as neither Public Works nor IPR to date has addressed them). That should be the first test of this new communication model.

New Points of Contact

With a new communication model in place, we will no longer be interfacing with IPR, the contractor. Our primary contact is now Felicia Wallace with the City of Houston. Feel free to copy Kathleen Shelton as well. Their information is:

  • Felicia Wallace, Project Manager, City of Houston Public Works

    • 832.395.6172

  • David Tajadod, City of Houston Public Works


  • Kathleen Shelton, Chief of Staff, Councilmember Greg Travis


680' of Pipe on the Field for the Old Stone Trail Lift Station Line

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle 713.234.0604

September 16, 2021


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