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Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement - Weekly Update September 18th

Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement

Memorial Thicket Project Update

On Thursday we were told, and we passed on, that the crew was scheduled to start up again next week. Late Friday we were informed the plan has changed: no work will be done this upcoming week. Kathleen Shelton, the Chief of Staff for Councilmember Greg Travis, has taken the questions and concerns we have raised with Public Works and IPR back to Public Works for their response (as neither Public Works nor IPR to date has addressed them). She is awaiting their response.

Old Stone Trail Lift Station Project

The City of Houston has contracted with Vaca Underground Utilities to replace the sanitary sewer lines downstream from the Old Stone Trail and Trailville Lift Stations. The picture in the last newsletter showed the 680' of pipe that has been in the field behind Memorial Thicket for over a week now. On Friday, the contractor plowed right over private property and through the hedge row creating ruts and destroying large shrubs in the process. Why this was done instead of using the gates through the lift station (where the line will terminate and which the County uses to reach the field with their tractor mowers), is currently a mystery. Kathleen Shelton is trying to unravel this enigma. It looks like someone pulled a Leeroy Jenkins ("at least I have chicken" (language)).

The Tracked Vehicles Sitting on the Field For the Weekend

As a Former Armor Officer, I've Seen Less Damage Done by Army Tracked Vehicles

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle 713.234.0604

September 18, 2021


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