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Security Update

MEMORIAL THICKET:  There have been two recent reports of pedestrians snooping or possible snooping, as follows:

 #1   A recent complaint regarding a pedestrian on Last Arrow who entered a driveway and was looking into the residents cars.  When confronted, the pedestrian left the premises and neighborhood.  Pedestrian described as male, white, medium height and blonde hair.

  #2   A resident called the guards regarding a pedestrian on Plainwood.  No trespass occurred, but the resident was concerned enough to call guards.  The guard on duty spoke with the pedestrian and he left the neighborhood without incident.  Pedestrian described as male, white, long white beard and slender build.

If you are concerned about an issue or event, please contact the guards. Please remain diligent.  If you see suspicious activity, please contact the guards.  They are here for our safety.

May 25, 2019

David Myres Vice President - Security 719 Last Arrow Drive 713.816.1148


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