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Security Update

After a rather quiet few weeks, we have had two recent incidences. 

August 9, 2019 (approximately 1pm) Two persons were found burglarizing an apartment in the Parkside Apartments adjacent to MTHA.  The police were called, after which a pursuit began.  The suspects were fleeing through MTHA and Terry Hershey Park and were spotted by at least three residents of MTHA.  There were multiple police units in the area and in our neighborhood, including a police helicopter aiding in the pursuit.  You may have heard or seen the activity in and around MTHA.  It appears that the suspects entered MTHA as an avenue to escape, but only passed through.

The police and constables were actively following leads and surveying the neighborhood.  One of the suspects was ultimately arrested in the Fleetwood neighborhood.  The other suspect was apprehended later.  I do not have the location of apprehension, but it was not in MTHA. Our security guards were actively involved answering calls and checking the neighborhood.

August 10 (approximately 10:05pm)

A report of a prowler was delivered to the guard on Saturday night.  The prowler was seen at 702 Windbreak.  The prowler was wearing dark clothing and a hoodie.  The guard promptly investigated and found no evidence of the prowler.  The police were called, who upon arrival found no prowler or evidence thereof.  Thanks to the diligent neighbors who reported the prowler. Thank you


Please remain diligent.  If you see suspicious activity, please contact the guards.  They are here for our safety.

August 11, 2019

David Myres Vice President - Security 719 Last Arrow Drive 713.816.1148


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