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September & October Yard of the Month

September 2023 Winner - Terry Doyle and Nadia Navab's home at 862 Plainwood Drive is decorated in brilliant colors for late summer and fall. They have been awarded Yard of the Month for September 2023. Plants include cool green boxwoods, purple heart, red and lime green coleus and various yellow/orange annuals. In addition, they have 2 Japanese Maples that have survived the heat and drought because they were under patio umbrellas. Kudos for an imaginative solution.


The home at 806 Plainwood Drive won the award for Halloween holiday decorations as well as having a consistently well groomed yard. The front courtyard is lined with the kids' blowup monsters and pumpkins, as well as sparking purple mini lights. The small ornamental trees at the entry are also decorated with lights and pumpkins and skeletons. Amy and Justin Gnau masterminded the decorations with assistance from kids Campbell, Everett, Annabelle, and Georgia. A spooky and fun place to visit.

Meghan Lee President - MTHA 15411 Old Stone Trail


October 16, 2023


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