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Summer Time Safety

It's Summertime!!

As a reminder if you utilize Smith Thompson as your Security Monitoring Service your monthly monitoring fee will be directly paid by the Homeowners Association which is covered by your annual assessment. It’s “free”.

Regardless of which Security Monitoring Service the homeowner selects: if you want the Memorial Thicket Guard to be notified when your alarm is triggered you will need to provide the Guard cell phone number [713-492-1064] and set this up as a first or second call with the Security Company. This is strongly recommended as the Guard is onsite and able to access your property quickly.

If you do not turn on your Alarm System, it cannot help protect you. With summer here, I encourage you to dust off that manual and/or reach out to your security provider for further assistance.

The Out of Town notice form is linked on the Memorial Thicket website. There are copies available at the Guardhouse as well. The filled out form can be dropped off with the Guard on duty. For added security, you may also request the guards to walk your home’s perimeter while you are away. If you do not feel comfortable notifying the guards, let your neighbors know. If you do not know your neighbors yet (we’re friendly. Waving from a safe distance is also accepted.), we have several neighborhood groups that you can join if you are interested, email

Together we can keep our neighborhood safe!

Now for what I am required to say:

Per our DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS (DCCRs), each home must be equipped with a working alarm system connected to the master alarm system serving Memorial Thicket. This master alarm system and its monitoring is done by Smith Thompson in their central office. When your alarm goes off, Smith Thompson central dispatch receives the signal on their monitoring system. The Homeowner will setup the protocol (order of calls) Smith Thompson responds as follows:

  • Burglar and emergency alarm - Smith Thompson calls the MT Security Officer, who responds, usually in a matter of minutes.

  • Fire Alarm - Smith Thompson calls the Houston Fire Department first before calling the MT Security Officer.

The charge for the Smith Thompson monitoring of your alarm system is included in the Homeowners Annual Assessment. If you have additional questions, please contact me. If I am not available, please leave a voicemail or send me a text.

Reese Brito

VP - Security


May 19, 2023


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