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Water Line Leak Breakout

Yesterday Morning Behind Bow String Cove

(Looking East towards Last Arrow)

This Morning Behind Bow String Cove

Water Line Leak Breakout

Last night we noted that the water line leak had returned and showed the first photo above with the water flowing in the old oxbow. Overnight, the leak broke out collapsing the asphalt patch at the corner of Plainwood and Last Arrow and creating a "hot tub" there. The amount of water spilling out dramatically increased as can be seen in the second photo taken this morning. Our guard and others called 311 and a few hours ago, the City showed up. They turned off the water and started jackhammering up Plainwood as can be seen below.

Tearing up Plainwood

The photo below is after the jackhammering. This was taken around 10:15 am. This repair is a triage as we still have the other issues outstanding, which were noted last night.

Plainwood at Last Arrow

(Water can still be seen in the hole in the foreground where the breakout occurred)

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle


July 16, 2022


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