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Water Line Repaired in Memorial Thicket

Whitewater on Last Arrow This Morning

Water Line Break Repaired

Yesterday evening the rupture stopped spilling out into the street. However sounds were coming from the storm sewer inlet and the water level was still high in two inlets. By this morning the ground had collapsed and rushing water was readily visible as can be in the above image. An underground stream had formed and was flowing into the storm sewer. This afternoon a City crew came and repaired the line. Thankfully the break was clean and not under the street.

Pumping Out the Hole After the Water was Turned Off

The Repair Site

The Compression Collar Used to Repair the Pipe

The New Collar is at the Top and the Collar at the Bottom is from a Previous Repair. The Conduit on the Left is Electrical Service.

Proposed City Council Redistricting

Thursday evening, the City published maps proposing revised City Council District boundaries due to the 2020 census. Because of the increased population in our district, some reductions had to be made. Based on these maps, Memorial Thicket will remain in District G, which is represented by Mary Nan Huffman.

Greg Sergesketter Director 815 Elk Run Circle


July 9, 2022


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