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What's Recyclable?


  • Paper Items:  writing paper, magazines, newspaper, circulars, telephone books, office paper, etc. No dark colored or decorative folders, cards, or envelopes. No plastic bags or foil packaging.

  • Cardboard Items:  Large boxes broken down/bundled (like moving boxes or appliance and electronic boxes), paper plates, cardboard cylinders in paper towels, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc. 

    • Card board or card board boxes can’t be food stained, such as pizza boxes or wax coated cereal boxes.

    • No beverage cartons, gift boxes or styrofoam containers  

  • All Plastic Items (except bags):  #1-7 plastics such as plastic water containers, soft drink containers, dishwashing soap containers, deli containers, plastic jugs, etc. 

    • Bottles must have smaller necks than base.

    • Less than 3 gallons

    • Remove lids, rinse and flatten

    • No plastic bags are accepted.

  • Bi-Metal Cans (tin cans):  canned fruit & vegetable cans, tuna cans, etc.

  • Aluminum Cans:  soda cans, beer cans, etc. (no aluminum paper or pie tins).

    • Please Note:  these cans must be RINSED to be recycled.  (That will also reduce the local population of mice, rats, snakes and bugs!)

    • Labels are OK

    • Place lids inside larger containers

  • Glass (Rinsed and Drained)

    • Glass food and beverage bottles, jugs and jars

  • Non-Acceptable Items for Recycling

    • Styrofoam

    • Pizza boxes

    • Plastic containers which held oil, antifreeze, pesticides, or other household hazardous waste

    • Medical Waste

    • Scrap metal

    • Toys

    • Dishes

    • Buckets

    • Plastic Grocery Bags

    • Metal hangers​

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